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So after much research, I feel I found the right doctor. Lipo is booked for Oct 4th 2012. I am really nervous. I dont know if reading all these posts helps or works you up, but appreciate having somewhere to go. I have a few questions if anyone can help. I was told to buy the bodysuit garmet for... READ MORE


To read part 1 of my Vaser Liposuction journey, please click here. I am going back in for Vaser Liposuction in late August. I had my procedure done last Sept 2012 for my upper and lower abs and flanks. Tremendous difference but here I am almost 9 months later and still not happy with Abs..... READ MORE

**16 WKS POST OP**~~48 YRS YOUNG** FULL TT WITH MUSCLE TIGHENING~One year after Vaser Lipo - Massachusetts, MA

Dr loch is amazing...He did my original vaser to abs, flanks and back~giving me a great deal on my tummy tuck! Lost 25lbs since the start of my whole journey. Working out 5 days a week...Lots of loose hanging skin....It gotta go!! Dr loch is incrediable...Always answers my questions, take his... READ MORE

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Is My Appearance At This Point Normal 5 Days Post Op? (photo)

Hello...I had upper and lower abs done along with my flanks...looking at pic's now..I should of done back due to bra looking at my pic's do I look like where I should... READ MORE

10 Wks Post Op from Vaser Lipo on Upper/lower Abs and Flanks...Feel Not All FAT Removed Fr Abs? (photo)

My stomach went down alot from pre-op..I have couple of lumps..will my stomach continue to go down...I feel I will need a touch up...I think fat was missed...Love my flanks..... READ MORE

8 weeks post op today. What is going on with the ends of my incision? (Photo)

I am wondering what is going on or happended to make the ends of my incision to look like this. I know one side is referred to as a dog ear which my ps already told me we will... READ MORE

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Since the VASER and touch up. I ended up doing a full TT with MT. I HAVE another review on that. I'm 4 months post on TT. Basically I'm thrilled. Few issues I will deal with doc on Friday. Check out my TT REVIEW!! READ COMMENT

OHHHH JAZZ....U look MARVELOUS!! I forgot we were done about the same time. Quite a journey...hasn't it!! I think u look really good....when I am feeling a lil down...I tend to go back to my before pic's and even further back to my... READ COMMENT

Ty someday!! U really think so? I have been so unsure about it. Doc will def fix dog ears at no charge. I know I'm still gonna b seeing changes. The dog ears I really dislike. Thanks again. Good luck!! READ COMMENT

Ty Jazzy. U made me laugh. Ty for always keeping me positive. Still feel pudgy at incision. Protrudes still but overall I am thrilled. Stay in touch!! READ COMMENT