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Local anesthesia...hmm why? READ COMMENT

It takes time for all swelling to go down...mine took a few months. Everyone is different. For a few months, they were not my they are. Be patient...stay out of the sun...wear sunglasses. Unfortunately, when the Doctors... READ COMMENT

Your eyes are still patient. It really takes 3 months for most swelling to settle down. At 6 months you will see another difference and in a year it should be pretty much what you are going to look like. You will look so... READ COMMENT

Just remember that you will have scars/lines that will eventually fade but will be visible in the beginning. You want to keep your suture area maybe best not to wear eye makeup. I did make sure I used all NEW eye makeup so... READ COMMENT

I had Co2 laser along with full face/neck lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty at the same time. WIth Laser Co2 ...just keep everything clean. Constant hand washing, antibiotics, vitamins(C, Biotin, arnica, B . You look pretty gross... READ COMMENT