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Could Juvederm Still Be Under my Eyes After 3 Years? (photo)

I had juvederm put under my eyes for hollowness 3 plus years ago my left eye looks as if there is a water pocket or pillow It is also discolored like a bruise depending on the... READ MORE

Juvederm Under Eyes?

I have posted before I had juvederm 2 plus years one eye is puffy underneath and sometimes worse on days today i applied ice and pressure and its better i dont understand this... READ MORE

How common are allergic reactions to Sculptra?

I had one vial of sculptra done both temples and jaw line I was scared because I have bad reactions to fillers the first week I had ichy area and two weeks later one side... READ MORE

Pain in eyebrow and forehead after Botox went away. Does this seem normal?

I have been getting botox in forehead and between brows and brow lift I recently stopped its been 3 months Ive noticed pain in forehead and after that i have pain on the... READ MORE

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Beautiful result! How many syringes were needed. If you don't mind me asking READ COMMENT

I see a big difference are you happy with it? READ COMMENT

I think SOME people on here may have to much time and turned this into a social event READ COMMENT

Darkeyecircles. I like your name. I wouldn't do Botox by the eye area it's only going to attract more water READ COMMENT