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Seeking Lower Eyelid Surgical/non-surgical Suggestions?

47 y.o. female ready to do more than botox for my eye area (and cheek area?). My eyes at rest appear youthful (yet with flatter midface) but, when I smile (even just a tiny... READ MORE

Could Restylane Truly Help Lower Eyelids with Tear Troughs and Excess Dynamic Lateral Rolls?

Worried a lower traditional bleph will diminish eye size, for being in late 40s, I would likely need a canthopexy. Also, I've read that excess skin removal is limited with a... READ MORE

Fillers Vs. Fat Transfer? How Can I Find a Truly Expert Facial Injector in the NY/NJ Area?

I am trying to put off surgery for a few years. I imagine that board certified Derms and Plastic Surgeons naturally showcase pics of their best jobs. "Reviews" are quite... READ MORE

Chemical Peel, Fractional CO2, or the 3-5 Treatments of Less Severe Lasers?

I would like to tighten/clear my skin, at least to a noticeable degree. Have some cheek lines (besides nasolabular), some melasma type cheek pigmentation that drives me mad! My... READ MORE

Mortified! Have I Created Permanent Lower Lid Creases Due to 3 Years of Inappropriate Botox Injections? Fearful of Lower Bleph.

Resolution for dynamic lower lid bunching? Had Botox, 3x year, 3 years. Initially, did forehead, furrows & crowsfeet. After a few treatments, noticed slight pouch that... READ MORE

Why Do So Few Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons Admit Potential Eventual Pitfalls of Readily Injecting Botox?

Every action causes a reaction. I have experienced and witnessed "reactions" associated with Botox weakening muscles (no matter how expertly injected) causing eventual and... READ MORE

Belotero for Under Eye Creases, Mild Tear Trough Groove and Upper Cheek Volume?

As Restylane may possibly produce the Tyndall Effect, and Juverderm supposedly "moves" around frequently after injections, and fat transfers may or may not take, as well as... READ MORE

Could Radiesse for Cheek Volume Worsen Dynamic Undereye Creases? Fearful of Lower Bleph. Other Ideas? (Photo)

Along w/upper bleph, I'd like to augment my cheeks w/Radiesse. My lower lids show dynamic lateral creases (smoother at rest). I DON'T SEEM to present with other deformities "so... READ MORE