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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I had never saw ur review....@Barbara24 until now....ur stomach has been left disfigured on so many levels....I think u shud go on botched as well and get that out there in the world big time...Im just like WOWWWWWW!!!!!!! READ COMMENT

Barbara24 it wont take more than 10 min over the internet...get on they website and click start a claim...he will already be listed in their system becuz I already put one in...I was the first person to put one in on him....but more... READ COMMENT

I used them to settle a dispute for me in 2000 and when I had surgery wit DrJ I used them because the cleaning lady at the hotel I stayed in had stepped on my laptop and cracked my screen and the hotel gone try to tell me they not... READ COMMENT

I sent u a private message to call me...I put in a complaint with the BBB...I think u shud do that as well as ALL the others girls that were dissatisfied, has sum issues, or got botched...the more complaints they get, mayb ppl will... READ COMMENT

That's great...Im happy for u...see wat God will do if we just stand still...wasn't meant for u to go to Fisher and neither was I...Im sitting still til next yr...this wud have been round 2 for me anyway...God is teaching me patience..... READ COMMENT