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Hyaluronidase To The Rescue! - Middleton, WI

I went to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon back in Sept of 2011 to have surgery in the under-eye area to remove some saggyness and slight bags that had begun to worsen, This "doctor", without my knowledge or consent, put filler in my under eye area in addition to tightening the corners of my... READ MORE

Revision - Middleton, WI

I had surgery for a brow lift, eye bleph, and fat transfer to chin 2 years ago. During that procedure the doctor did a fat transfer to my under eye area w/o consent. In his attempt to remove it several months later, he injected me with fillers all along the orbital and brow line areas which... READ MORE

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So Allergen wants Juvederm used as an injectable into our bodies, but now won't disclose its chemical compound??? That's really scary... They must be "in-bed" with the Tobacco Companies or something.... I hope you nail 'em and nail'em... READ COMMENT

Katie: Allergen wants it's use (Juvederm) as an injectable into our bodies, but now won't disclose the chemical compounds??? That's scary.... They must be "in bed" with the Tobacco Companies....Wow. Again, I hope you nail 'em and nail... READ COMMENT

Have you tried Vitrase? Seriously, it works.... They say pictures a worth a thousand words... Check out how full my cheeks and under eye areas were due to that filler and what I now look like today thanks to my MD, Kevin Robertson and... READ COMMENT

OK Katie, So is it the doctors fault for injecting you when they are told by these same companies the product is safe and there are no worries? or is it the companies fault for misleading and lying to the doctors and the public? Could... READ COMMENT

Your last sentence says it ALL!! Weed out the bad ones, the ones who inject that are not even licensed dr's. All these "pop-up" places of practice are really scary... Anyone is allowed to inject these days with a mere "certificate" of... READ COMMENT