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Are There Less Painful/scary Methods to Shape the Veneer Than the Flossing Saw That Cuts the Gums?

I read the post that told the real deal about getting veneers. I actually had veneers done in the early 90s while in the military. However, although I remember the sawing, I... READ MORE

Is There a Recommended Grade or Brand of Porcelain That is More Durable Than Others?

I have read a lot about composities, veneers, lumineers and crowns and have arrived at the decision to get porcelain veneers. However, I don't want to have to keep returning to... READ MORE

Options for Sensitivity with Too Large Metal Based Porcelain Crowns?

After deciding to go to Mexico to have all of my discolored teeth veneered, I was tricked into getting 25 crowns in Mexico. However, the doctor ground my teeth down and didnt... READ MORE