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2 Weeks Out From Extended Abdominoplasty and Healing Unevenly?

I feel a great trust with my doctor. However, my right side is nice, tight and flat while left is bumped out. There is a distinct difference in my silhouette. My doctor said... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Assess Whether One Has Seroma Vs Normal Swelling After an Extended TT?

I'm curious if I could be experiencing seroma. Does it take a while to set in or can it happen fast? How long would I have to wait before getting it aspirated? I'm seeing my... READ MORE

This Can't Be Right? Tummy Tuck is Not Flat? (photo)

From the very beginning my TT has been a-symetric. It;s now been 4 weeks and i have this big bulge that's more on my left side. I'm so sad that my side view isn't flat! The... READ MORE

Pretty sure my belly button is an inch+ too high. What do you think? (photos)

I had an extended abdominoplasty last year and I AM SO HAPPPPPPY. I feel Better! However, my belly button is pretty high, and I feel it's such a giveaway. It looks very... READ MORE

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How are you feeling? Are you getting around ok? It's a BIG surgery, huh. I'm in a stage now where I am back to work, 22 days post op and I just wish i was fully healed! It's hard because I feel good and can move around well, BUT that... READ COMMENT

Breathe through your fears. Imagine all the energy you've spent over the last 10 years thinking about your body and feeling out of control of the way it looks. now smile and imagine how it would feel to spend that time having different... READ COMMENT

Wow! Sue, you look great! I had my extended tt with lipo done 16 days ago. I'm 32 and have no kids but lost about 80 lbs. I'm amazed at how flat your tum is... did you have swelling? im quite swollen above my incision. did you... READ COMMENT