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Botox for Forehead Lines and Crows Feet - Grosse Pointe, MI

I've had Botox numerous times with Dr. Balle for crows feet and forehead lines. The treatments have been effective and I've never had a bruise. With other doctors I've bruised for a month or more when injected with Botox in these areas. He really has a great injecting technique. It is easy to... READ MORE

Questions from reparata

How Can I Get Rid of Numerous Wrinkles, and Bumps That Developed After Getting Juvederm in October of 2012? (photo)

I had Juvederm injected under both eyes in Oct.,of 2012, to get riid of two crows feet: one on each side of my eyes, that were visible when I smiled deeply. I wanted both lines... READ MORE

I Paid for Juvederm and Was Wondering if There is a Way to Tell if I Got Radiesse Instead? (photo)

I had it dissolved with Hyaluronidase?I wanted one eye wrinkle traced with Juvederm. Instead of tracing the one wrinkle, the doctor flooded large areas of Juvederm under both... READ MORE

Juvederm Migrated to my Eyelids and Caused Intense Swelling and Wrinkling. Can Hyaluronidase Be Used to Dissolve? (photo)

Juvederm was injected in an area under both of my eyes that shouldn't have been. I'm thin and the skin in this area was very tight to the bone. The Juvederm migrated and caused... READ MORE

How Can I Find a Doctor Willing to Treat Me with Hyaluronidase when the Injecting Doctor Won't Use the Dissolver?

I had Juvederm injected under both eyes on October 8, 2012. It migrated to my lower eyelids and caused severe swelling, wrinkling, and a dark, bluish hue around, my right eye... READ MORE

Can Belotero Be Used in Crows Feet Without Migrating to the Lower Eyelids? Also, Can It Be Used in Cheek Hollows?

I had Juvederm under, and around, both eyes for crows feet. It migrated to my lower eyelids causing severe wrinkling and swelling, as well as wrinkles all under, and around, my... READ MORE

What is the Safer Option for Filling in Temples: Radiesse or Sculptra. Which is More Likely to Cause Bumps?

I want to get my temples filled as there is a hollowness in that area. I was wondering what is safer for filling that area? The last time I had sculptra,, in the temples, it... READ MORE

I Was Wondering if CO2 Laser Resurfacing for the Eyelids, and Under the Eyes, Will Melt Undissolved Juvederm?

I had Juvederm dissolved, under my eyes, and eyelids, by Hyaluronidase. Some areas of Juvederm were missed,and those areas continue to swell. Would CO2 laser resurfacing help... READ MORE

Laser Treatments That Including a Lower Bleph. and Resurfacing Helped my Juvederm Nightmare (photo)

I posted many pictures showing the damage that Juvederm Ultra caused when injected into the hollow areas under my eyes, I wanted to post some follow-up photos for everyone who... READ MORE

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I had no scarring, but an indention where too much tissue was lasered off, and now will need filler for the rest of my life to fill it in. Luckily there is a new filer called Voluma that is supposed to last for two years for more. I... READ COMMENT

The Juvederm got under muscle tissue causing the same kind of bags. I had to get the bags lasered because the doctors I went to for vitrase didn't inject it under the muscle tissue. The Juvederm lasts a very long time before it is... READ COMMENT

Hi Annie! I just wanted to wish you a happy New Year, and hope you find the help you need. I'm still having all sorts of issues myself. Take care. READ COMMENT

I made an appointment for January 21, and I'm also on a cancellation list. They told me he could do the treatment the same day after an initial evaluation. Hopefully, something will come up sooner. READ COMMENT

I had the same thoughts, but there is a God and to do something like that over an idiot crook doctor would be the biggest mistake. Resylane, and Juvederm, cause the Tyndall effect. With me, it is a line that is shaped like a comma... READ COMMENT