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Rhinoplasty to Fix a Small Problem?

I don't have alot wrong with my nose, but I just don't like it and whenever I see pics for it I end up feeling bad because my nose problems are not as serious as others I do... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Cost More or Less then Around $6,000-$7,000?

To make the nostrils and tip smaller would it cost less at all or even more? I know it depends on area and the surgeon, but I was told if you get little things done rather then... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for Mixed People?

If you are mixed how would you know what type of Rhinoplasty to get/surgeon to go to? I am black mixed with asian and I am unsure of who to go to for surgery. Is it based on... READ MORE

Online Program to View my Nose from the Front?

My friend suggested I edit my nose before talking to a doctor about what I wanted because I had trouble explaining it even to her But I cant find one that does a front view? I... READ MORE

Would injections for a wide Asian nose be ideal?

There is a bump on my nose but it's because my nose goes down where the cartilage is so would I be able to build it up? And I heard that you could use the injections to change... READ MORE