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Male Septorhinoplasty, a Bump Once Hated Now Missed - New York, NY

Hello people around 4 weeks ago i underwent setporhinoplasty, i had a really bad septum and couldn't breathe correctly, it all started with breaking my nose as a kid and doing nothing about it, i also had a bump on my nose which i wanted removed, now that its done i have say i can breathe like... READ MORE

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Rhinoplasty Dorsal Hump I Want It Back, is This Possible?

Hello i recently had septorhinoplasty 4 weeks ago, i had a roman nose with a big bump as well as being droopy, my surgeon i beleive removed to much of my bump, and made my nose... READ MORE

Had Rhinoplasty Around a Month Ago, I Believe to Much of my Dorsal Hump Was Removed? Possible to Get It Back?

Hello, recently i had a septorrhinoplasty, it was really deviated. is it possible to somehow get a small dorsal hump back, my nose i believe was made to concave, and i would... READ MORE

Septorplasty Should I Be Worried About Nasal Valve Collapse?

Hello i recently had septorhinoplasy, had a small dorsal hump removed and cause of this apparently my nostrils needed to be made smaller, i used to have a sideways bump in my... READ MORE

Would a Septoplasty Straighten a Nose That is Sort of Pointing to the Left?

Hello i just recently had septorinoplasty and before my nose used to curve to my left, after the septoplasty it still looks like it curves to the left, is not the reason its... READ MORE

When You Nose Cartilage is Swollen, Does the Cartliage Actually Gain Size or is It Just the Skin Around It Thats Swollen?

Hello just wondering if the cartilage in you nose is swollen, does that actually increase the size of the cartilage overall, or is the skin thats around you cartilage is what... READ MORE

How Can I Get a Dorsal Hump Back?

Could anyone please tell me if this is possible and how, i want my dorsal hump back ill do anything if it could grow again any possible way to make it grow? i know this sounds... READ MORE

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Rhinoplasty How to Deal with Telling People? What People Will Think?

Hello recently i had rhinoplasty and its a major change on my nose has i had a big hump removed and going from a convex nose to a concave you can really see the difference,... READ MORE