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Juvederm in Tear Trough - South Africa

I'm 41, had Juvederm injected into tear trough area today for volume loss due to the relentless ageing process :) There was minimal discomfort during the procedure. So far, the result is subtle, there is some minor bruising on left side (I do bruise easily), with some concealer it is... READ MORE

Don't Waste Your Money - Johannesburg, South Africa

Had Titan on my face about 4 years ago, had absolutely zero perceptible result whatsoever. The practitioner did before and immediate after photos, the after photos did look minimally better, but think this was due to irritation and minor swelling at the time. Rather save up for a face lift,... READ MORE

Botox, Chemical Brow Lift - Johannesburg, South Africa

Have been doing this for 3 years, injections along the brow line to minimally lift the brow. Did procedure 4 times in first year, now every 6 months or so. Even when the Botox starts to wear off, There are no perceptible lines on forehead or frown lines. I highly recommend this procedure,... READ MORE

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Hey Scottsdale1247, yes cosmetic procedure are very common in South Africa. Despite being cheaper than the States, it is still quite high end as our equivalent of medical insurance doesn't cover anything cosmetic. We also don't have... READ COMMENT

Hi Scottsdale 1247, yes everything is a lot cheaper in SA (other than designer clothes). Think this is partially due to the medico-legal insurance doctors pay in the states, it is more litigious than in South Africa- so far... However... READ COMMENT

Hi, thanks for your comment. Have tried replying a couple of times, something is going wrong :( I've previously had Restalyne injected into my crimple lines (used to be dimples). Result was good,lines dissapeared, however, I didn't... READ COMMENT