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I'm loving my flat stomach

I have wanted this procedure for mulitple years. My ex promised me he would pay for it, but considering he is my "EX", I am fortunate to be able to take care of it on my own. I am scheduled to get a TT w/lipo to the Flank, however I am hoping to be able to also afford to get lipo to my back... READ MORE

Date has changed Dec 6, 2013-*Duran Doll*

Now its time for the next step, my BBL w/Lipo to my waist/flanks/bra roll/inner thigh and Arms & possibly a BL, whoooo OMG Dr. Pantoja did a FANTASTIC job on Newbirthdaysuit "she" is my motivation, she looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! . Im now on my next high. Consumed with reading to learn which doc... READ MORE

Questions from Friscospeach

Will This "Rope" Incision Ever Go Flat and Should I Have "Gathering" at the Ends of my Incision? (photo)

Docs, my ps told me that this "rope" style incision was done intentionally. I have never seen anyone on this site with a ROPE stitch incision. So at the ends of my cut on both... READ MORE

What Type of Breast Lift Would Allow Me to Achieve the Most Fullness WITHOUT Implants? (photo)

I absolutely DO NOT want implants, however I would like a set of pretty breast, what type of breast lift procedure would you recommend for me at the level of sagging that I... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Inner Thigh Lipo. Can Lipo to my Inner Thighs Achieve Success? (photo)

Can my inner thighs be lipod with great success. I was advised by 1 PS that it would not be a good idea to lipo my inner thighs because the skin there would not tighten. He... READ MORE

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Hey lady, I know it's hard but u gotta get somewhere and sit down. U can't put all that pressure on a healing body. Looked at your stuff u packed how much of it did u actually use/need? Hate to overpack but hate to need and not have. READ COMMENT

She does give you 1. 2 of my good sx buds have ordered their own, and Im prob right behind them. Im thinking its for 2nd two. there are a few things that I will follow the leader on. READ COMMENT

What did u feel was bad at Yasmin's? I'm very concerned. READ COMMENT

What about Camilla's won you over. I'm stressed out about these awful RH. I've put down my deposit but if there is better I would like to know READ COMMENT

Hi there. Don't worry u will feel better closer to your date. If you don't mind I'm stayin at Yasmin's can you please share evn inbox me on your personal thoughts of Yasmine. READ COMMENT