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Botox Was the Worst Mistake of my Life. - London, England

I thought i'd write a review as iv been a member on this site for a few yrs now.I had Botox for the very first time in july 2011. I dont know the correct medical terms for each individual muscle injected, so will tell you the areas instead. They were my forehead, inbetween my brows, and bunny... READ MORE

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Tosha. its my eyes that upset me the most.. They look like an old womans eyes! Empty, saggy, hollow with horizontal lines that extend down my cheeks. They have improved over the last two yrs, but jeeez its slow babe it really is.... READ COMMENT

I couldnt lift my eyebrows for approx 6-9 months (had to lift them manually to put mascara on.) -Then it started to wear off a short time after and I was finally able to put mascara on without havin to use my fingers to lift my brow.... READ COMMENT

Hey T :). Haha yeh VERY depressing. Ive seen very minor improvements (As in, the botox is finally starting to disappear from my face.) Yes, it got a lot worse :( Ive got horrendous lines that extend down my cheeks, caved in temples,... READ COMMENT

Hi Tosha, same thing happened to me! Im still living with the bad results now (nearly 2 yrs on) how are you now? Have you seen any improvements? READ COMMENT

Hi, i'm sorry you're going through this. I am too :( its been nearly two yrs for me, and im not better. Judging by my very slow recovery, i think i probably have another year to go. Everybody is different though, so try to stay positive. x READ COMMENT