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Hi SBCE :) The botox is still in my face (cant believe its still present!) I can feel it under, and around my eyes.. My face is sagging, my eyes are very bad :( Sunken in/hollow etc -There is no improvement whatsoever. Im hopefull... READ COMMENT

Hiya hun, its been a while since I gave you an update myself.. Firstly just wanna say that I agree with Melbourne, you need to speak to a doctor regarding the depression. Whatever way you look at it, you need help. You cannot be... READ COMMENT

Hiya babes, hang in there! I had botox for the very first time on july 10th this year. I hated the results! Sunken in hollow eyes, indentatons on my cheeks, cheek potosis etc. I was over injected, and injected either too deeply (or just... READ COMMENT

Yet again, please take no notice of my ''happy fingers'' on the keyboard, they have a mind of their own this time of the morning hahaha xx READ COMMENT

Goodness knows wht my msg has come out like that, got what was meant to be at the bootom, at the top.. Hope you can work that msg out.. sorry. x! My actual reply starts with ''Hiya hun'' x READ COMMENT