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Hey, I am doing really well, all healed up on the outside, itch is done. I'll give it a week and post some updated pictures. How are you doing? READ COMMENT

Sorry for the late reply! Yep, mine does swell, it's normal. This guy I was talking to today he is getting laser on his forearm, he said his blisters were so huge and his arm was so swollen for like 3 days he almost went to the hospital... READ COMMENT

Thanks, we all have our days! Don't be hard on yourself, just life and have fun :) READ COMMENT

Oh Wow!!! How amazing, it's gone!!! I am so happy for you!!!!! See, it's all going to be ok!!!! I am so happy! Keep us posted! B11 READ COMMENT

Hi Canadagirl75, thanks so much for thinking of me! It was intense... I am doing fine though. Hope all is well with you! B11 READ COMMENT