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It's not the areas where fat was removed I would've expected people to notice. But maybe it would've been weird for family members to mention the other thing without being sure. :-) READ COMMENT

Hi, Colleen, I know you decided to go with a single transfer session, but did Dr. Bednar give any information about doing multiple sessions, like how long you have to wait between each session, how much fat can be injected in each one,... READ COMMENT

Btw, was taking the iron supplement your idea, or did the doc recommend it? It makes sense that it would help to maximize oxygen supply in your bloodstream. If it was your idea and you get good retention, it sounds like you may have... READ COMMENT

Wow, your breasts look really amazing! Seems like some doctors are starting to get really good at this. Did Dr. Bednar give any idea how much you can expect to retain, and how long it should take to reach that result? READ COMMENT

There's a doctor named August Accetta in your area who's an expert in breast fat transfer specifically (Google for his name to find his site). READ COMMENT