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Upper Rt Lip Moh's - Philadelphia

In 2008 I had a squmos cell ca removed from my upper rt. lip. actually in the area at the lipline and between my rt. nostril. I had no real choice as to doing it. It numbing process was painful (lots of needles) but I managed to survive. They removed the tumor in 2 passes. The same day they did... READ MORE

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Basal Cell Carcinoma of Frontal Scalp. Pending Moh's Surgery. Had It 2x Before. Is This the Best Option?

Path. Report states: "islands of basaloid epithelium, characteriszed by peripheral palisading and single cell necrosis. .. Associated mucinous stromal alteration" What subclass... READ MORE

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I will be thinking of you on the 30th ... sending you every good karma... remember... in very little time considering... you will look like yourself again! READ COMMENT

I am so sorry that people make little of basel cell and squamous cell skin cancer. In the first place their own attitude may well put them at higher risk as that attitude could be spelled out in "care less" behaviors. I am also sorry... READ COMMENT

I had a bcc on my upper lip, rt side...I had Mohs surgery. It is about 5 years since my surgery and I have to tell you it can hardly be seen, especially if I don't tell anyone. I just came in from purchasing my sunblock by Clinique...... READ COMMENT

Yes! I have had several basal cell and squamos cell cancers and several surgeries. Three of them Mohs. While I am grateful they were not melanoma (sp?)...the process of dealing with them is not fun and literally leaves you scared ...... READ COMMENT