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Breast Revision/Lift through Areola with 505ccUHP Sientra Implants 10/27 - New York, NY

I had my original breast augmentation done in 10/2003. They looked and felt very real and soft. In fact my ex couldn't believe it when I told him they weren't real after a few months of dating. Since the augmention I had two kids, both were breast fed. My breasts held up pretty well... READ MORE

Questions from SassyGal

Breasts uneven and misshaped after having breast implant revision. Any advice of help? (Photo)

I had Breast Implant revision on July 17, 2014 to correct acapsular contracture on the right breast. The left was fine very soft and felt natural. The right was like a hard... READ MORE

Had Smart Lipo done to upper/lower abs but there is still pockets of fat. Can anything else be done? (Photo)

I had smart lipo done on my back, lovehandles, upper and lower abs. I am less than thrilled with the results. The doctor said I needed the back done in order to achieve... READ MORE

My nipple is black after a breast lift revision. Any suggestions? (photos)

At my 3 day post op my right areola looked black. THe Dr said it was just alot of bruising and didnt seem worried. Monday it was all flat and black. The attendee said nothing... READ MORE

Nipple turned black after breast lift/aug and I've been applying sulfadene. Will it heal normal looking? What can I do? (Photo)

My areola and nipple turned black and peeled off. I feel disfigured! I've spent 18K on these surgeries to look this awful! Will this area regenerate areola skin or an ugly... READ MORE

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LOL this made me chuckle! I have two little boys and i have no choice to bring them in when I try on bras. Oh lord the comments from the little ones have other women cracking up. Mommy you're never going to fit your boobies in that... READ COMMENT

To deal with your feelings, I know this is going to sound crazy but with your clothes on no one will know so dont let it bother you! back straight head held up high and smile!!! Your boobs dont define you! :) and wit the boyfriend..... READ COMMENT

Revision surgery is so hard isnt it? Its like you want it done asap but at the same time you cant rush it bc your body is still healing and if its healed you dont want to put it through trauma(thats what surgery is) so soon after. I... READ COMMENT

Rsmith175 thank you so much! Me too. Only others going through similar things can know how this feels. We spend $$$ to improve ourselves and look prettier and get more confidence and when it turns out like this.... no words can... READ COMMENT

I have contacted a couple of doctors I found on RealSelf but I never hear back from any of them to schedule an appointment. I have so much else going on right now, divorce in process, trying to save my home, single mom to two little... READ COMMENT