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Reviews by Kitters

Happy I Did It - but Don't Expect Miracles

I had a lower eyelid bleth a little over six months ago. I did research on the surgery for about 8 months to get all the info I could and to make sure I really really wanted to go thru with it. I picked a very good doctor (one who had been chosen a few years prior to do Extreme Makeover),... READ MORE

I did have the "11" between my eyebrows. - Worth Every Penny - Castle Rock, CO

I have been getting Botox injections for just over a year now. Although I have very few wrinkles, I did have the "11" between my eyebrows....the noticeable frown lines that so many people get. Botox was the first treatment that I experimented with - and of all the things I have had done, it is... READ MORE

Love the results.....prefer liquid lift to surgery

I started getting Juvederm injections about a year ago. I was 39 at the time, and did not have very deep nasolabial lines, but they were noticable and I wanted to prevent them from becoming deeper. My first injection was done in February, 2007. The dr. used only one syringe on both side of... READ MORE

Loved the Results - Just Too Damn Expensive to Keep It Up!!

I was a sun worshipper, and as a result developed a very uneven skin tone, small broken blood vessels around my nose and upper cheeks, large pores, etc. My dermatologist suggested IPL and agreed to do it in my affected areas only (instead of the entire face) to keep the cost down ($150 per... READ MORE

Selphyl Under my Eyes! - Phoenix, AZ

Though I've been getting injections of filler all over my face for about 5 years, I never put anything under the eye because of the risk of bruising and lumpiness due to the thin skin. I'm an aesthetician, and did some research on Selphyl and was intrigued by the stem cell/regenerative... READ MORE

5 Treatments of Matrix RF (Syneron EMatrix) - Scottsdale, AZ

I am 44 and have been investing heavily in my face/skin for the last 5 years. Botox, filler, Retin-A, microcurrent and good at home skin care. Even so, my skin still was not as tight and smooth as I wanted it to be. My plastic surgeon actually gave me one free treatment of Matrix RF in... READ MORE We Go! - Prescott, AZ

Just bought the Palovia at home laser device! WooHoo! I'm a certified laser technician and have had laser treatments done on my face, but of course never in the sensitive under eye area. I am very interested to see if this at home device is going to work. Since the company states that... READ MORE

Good Value in the Hands of an Experienced Injector! -Prescott, AZ

I'm a medical asst/ clinical aesthetician for a med spa and have been getting injections for 5 yrs. After 4 years of using only hyaluronic based fillers which metabolized quickly from my face a year and a half ago I decided to bite the bullet and try Radiesse, even though there are so many mixed... READ MORE

Does Voluma Last? - Tempe, AZ

I have been using Juvederm for years and decided to try Voluma because of its supposed superior lifting ability and long lasting benefits. I was injected with 2cc of filler early January. After the initial swelling went down the result was less dramatic than expected so I returned 30 days later... READ MORE

Questions from Kitters

Breast Implants to Regain Full D Cup?

I am a 42-year-old woman with 34-36D bust. No kids, but I have noticed a decrease in fullness over time. I do NOT want to go any bigger with breast implants, just want to... READ MORE

Is a Doctor Required to Fix an Unsuccessful Breast Lift?

4 months ago I went in for a breast augmentation to deal with symmetry and sagging issues on my D cup breasts. Dr. suggested a small reduction, a full lift and 400cc silicone... READ MORE

Having a Revision for Assymmetry - Unilateral Breast Reduction or Exchange Implant?

Having a breast implant revision to correct assymmetry & malplacement from 1st surgery a yr ago. Originally had a breast reduction, full lift & silicone implants under... READ MORE

44 Yr Old, No Kids, Relatively Fit - Lipoabdominalplasty or Mini Tummy Tuck?

44 yr old female, no children, eat healthy and workout several times a week - but would like to get rid of accumulation of fat around torso (love handles and abdominal area).I... READ MORE

What is the "Safest" Area of the Body to Perform Liposuction?

I recently got a quote from my PS for lipo to flanks, inner/outer thighs. However after discussing with a friend who had the same procedure done, she said avoid the thighs... READ MORE

Why Won't my Surgeon Do my Breast Revision the Way I Want?

Breasts are assymetrical post lift/reduction with 400cc silicone implants done over 1 yr ago. Left breast is still 100cc larger than right sits lower & moving towards... READ MORE

Recent comments from Kitters

You look great, I have reached the same conclusion at 47 and am looking to do the same thing. Without being too forward, is there any way you could advise the approx cost of a mini lift? READ COMMENT

I think the reason it might look "puffy" is they didnt inject any into your temples so it might have thrown off normal facial contours a bit. It will go down....Voluma isn't water binding like alot of HA fillers and if ever you want it... READ COMMENT

I agree with NYCLiz that 1-2 syringes in a large area such as the cheeks will be barely noticible. Like Liz, I also have about 3 syringes on each side of my face. Voluma, however, unlike Juvederm or the other HA fillers is NOT... READ COMMENT

I would choose Radiesse IF you have an injector who is experienced with it and uses a cannula for injection. Non of the products seem to last more than six months, but Radiesse stays firmly put, does not migrate like HA fillers do and... READ COMMENT

Hi there! Its been 2 1/2 years since I had that series of laser treatments and I have to say now that my opinion of laser treatments to the face has changed. While I still believe laser treatments can have some wonderful effects on the... READ COMMENT