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Fat Transfer to Breast During Implant Removal Now Flank/butt?

I had 250 cc fat removed from both flanks to transfer to breast during a implant removal about 8 months ago. I now feel I have lost the fullness to my butt and my stomach is... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Need to Fix Donor Site? (photo)

Had fat transfer to breast during implant removal now regret it. Stomach is more pronounced abd back of pants are baggy. Can more fat be removed from tummy or will it sag? READ MORE

Fat Transfer or Sculptra for Deflation from Liposuction? (photo)

I had fat grafted to breast during a implant removal. The doner site feel deflated and i can literally feel colder there when weather is cold. About 500 cc was removed and I... READ MORE

How to Balance my Body After Fat Transfer? (photo)

My pics are sitting a couple angles to show how the lipo about 250 each flank or lower back not sure created a sagging in my tummy that was not there before. Did my back fat... READ MORE

Is It Better to Stage Fat Graft? Locally or Travel? (photo)

500 cc of fat taken from flank/low back by mistake during a implant removal and used for donor fat to breast. Now I need fat removed from tummy and put in back side to correct... READ MORE

Implants Removed Vertical Lift Areola Too Small and Vertical Scar Too Long, What To Do? (photo)

Is there anything that can be done to make the smaller areola larger and lower since it is higher on the beast and has healed with the vertical scar covering it. I had large... READ MORE

Liposonix and visceral fat, does it produce more?

Does liposonix cause your body to produce more visceral fat? If you have this procedure are you going to have to constantly workout to keep your results. READ MORE

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I can see a difference. Especially the last pic. Do you feel or see a change in clothes fitting better? READ COMMENT

Hi just wondering how things are coming along? I think it says you did the liposonix 2 months ago. I am thinking about doing this procedure and would love to hear about your results! READ COMMENT

Thats good you lost weight. As ling as you cant grab the fat then its probably all gone, but you have to have some left over to look natural :-) READ COMMENT

I think you liok flatter then before. How are you clothes fitting? READ COMMENT

Yes and the anestesia too has to come out of your system yet. Mine started to soften about after a month. I had 250 put in each side. They felt lije rocks after but O had implants removed too at same time. You will prob do better... READ COMMENT