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My Bridge Looks Too Thin 9 Days Post Op?

Dr says dont look at nosePlease help I'm so depressed. I am Asian and I just went to the doctor to have my splint removed. I noticed my bridge looks really thin and is standing... READ MORE

Can I Have a Revision Rhinoplasty to Get my Old Nose Back?

I'm 22 days post op and I'm having a huge feeling I'm not going to like my end result. I had diced cartilage wrapped in frasia to build up my bridge, tip narrow. Doctor gave me... READ MORE

6 weeks post op, Is My Nostril Look Complete Opposite from Each Other?

I'm 6 weeks post op today and my nostrils look total opposite. Dr used graft to build my tip n lengthen it.My right nostril flares out and my left nostril points up. My right... READ MORE

8 weeks post op and my right nostril flares out. Is My Nostril Look Complete Opposite from Each Other?

I'm 8 weeks post up and my right nostril flares out unlike my left which is the "tear drop" look my Dr said he will give me..I absolutely love my left nostril right... READ MORE

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The built up of my bridge does not look good on me. Im Asian!

Hi guys I have your typical Asian nose which is wide, nostrils flare out and low bridge. I went to have an ethnic Rhinoplasty done with one of the best Beverly hills surgeon.... READ MORE