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You guys are scaring me!

I'm new here, I was trying to get to the bottom on the page where it was asked about healing time...but I can't get to the bottom of the page without it bouncing back up. I've... READ MORE

Did Anyone Use Arnica Prior to Surgery?

Well (blush), I was googling Arnica and liked what I was reading and one link brought me to RealSelf, so I'm thinking wow, I've got to get some and when do I start? So I... READ MORE

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I posted on another thread that where I was getting my obagi Retin A or tretinion, I guess it is, I can no longer. It's an estitician's office and now Obagi discontinued in NYS and you can only get it by doctor's prescription. I'm so... READ COMMENT

Where I got my first tube of Retin-A I can no longer purchase it there from and was told that companies no longer ship to NYS. I don't understand why and it's frustrating. I have to now go through a dermatologist which I'm told will... READ COMMENT

Hi Dmorgan2, I understand and it's very upsetting. I'm trying to compose a letter to my PS today. I call his office and get the runaround. A friend sent me an article from this website with PS's responses and I'm sending it to him. All... READ COMMENT

I had my upper lid revisions earlier this year. HOnestly, for me, it was easier than going to the dentist. Naturally the shots in the lid area to numb it are uncomfortable, but it wasn't bad. The surgery itself was a piece of cake, but... READ COMMENT

Hi Z60, sorry you are slammed with high costs. He promised me before surgery that if there was 'anything' that I was not happy with within the first year, that he would fix them free. I had told him throughout that first year. Even... READ COMMENT