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You guys are scaring me!

I'm new here, I was trying to get to the bottom on the page where it was asked about healing time...but I can't get to the bottom of the page without it bouncing back up. I've... READ MORE

Did Anyone Use Arnica Prior to Surgery?

Well (blush), I was googling Arnica and liked what I was reading and one link brought me to RealSelf, so I'm thinking wow, I've got to get some and when do I start? So I... READ MORE

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Hi MacGyver, I started using it a year ago but 0.05% strength. Then in November I started using 0.1 % ...there are some aspects of I really like but wow, say for example daylight, ugh, my skin looks really bad...yet my skin isn't bad,... READ COMMENT

I cut back on using mine because in the day my skin looks really, really dry. I was on 0.05% but the NP at my surgeon's office gave me a prescription for 0.1% that I asked for...I was hoping my skin would start to look great but wow..... READ COMMENT

You look great btw! READ COMMENT

Thanks Landofbizarre and bugsymoon. Ive been on the 0.1% maybe 2 months, if that. What a mess I am today though. I had felt my skin burning the last week or so...breaking out and my lids red. I just use a pea size amount. I wondered if... READ COMMENT

Bugsymoon, does your skin still get flakey and dry at times using it? I used .05% for a year and now I've got .1%, the highest strength. My skin for a little bit looked great! But wow, these past few days have been horrible and today is... READ COMMENT