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I always get sick. Usually my anesthesiaologist will give me the transdern scope patch behind my ear for nausea, plus there's a suppository that helps with nausea and I usually take small drinks of coke, regular not diet and saltine... READ COMMENT

I always get sick after anesthesia.They sometimes give me the "patch" for nauseaI think its transderm scope patch. Also I get a suppository for nausea usually about 12-14 hours later and it really helps for being nausea, also drink... READ COMMENT

I had a tummy tuck alittle over a year ago. I had a rough go with my body not liking the dissolving stitches and that made my incision not heal like it was suppose to. I wasn't over weight it was just a small amount of lipo and take... READ COMMENT

I am a little over a year also and followed your journey the whole time. Feeling bad for you and then feeling bad for myself. I still have very little feeling in the ab area especially about 4 inches both above belly button and below,... READ COMMENT

Hi Kim, My 1 yr anniversary is October. I had a scar revision about 6 months ago. I still have a lot of numbness and wondering if yours went away and maybe how long until it will go away. I still feel like I have a tight belt around my... READ COMMENT