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I had to be, we own our own business and I had no option but to go to work. We can be tough when we have to be. Thanks :+) READ COMMENT

I went to work at my desk job about 5 days after my surgery, only worked about 2-3 hours a day at first after about a week just kept working more and more hours as I felt better. You will be fine. Good Luck! READ COMMENT

I had surgery almost 2 years ago. I didn't have a lot of complications and I actually went back to work after about 5 days, for only like 2-3 hours of desk work. Then worked my way back up to full time, and that only took about 1-1/2... READ COMMENT

I did have the inner thighs and knee area done. I had this done 10 years ago when I was 42. I would do it all again but really wish that I could have done it like when I was 30 or 35, cuz the elasticity of my skin would have been better... READ COMMENT

Yes when I was 42 and I had lost too much elasticity for the results too be great. I would do I again but wish I could have done it about 5 years earlier. READ COMMENT