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How to Reverse Wrinkles, Cracks or Scratches on the Face Caused by Tazorac?

Tazorac has caused wrinkles on my forehead, lines/cracks or scratches on my cheeks and chin. The lines are all horizontal. My dermatologist had me use cloderm which caused some... READ MORE

Tetracycline is Not Available at the Pharmacy. Has It Been Discontinued? Why?

During my teen yrs I used tetracycline for short periods (around that time of month when I would have breakouts I'd use it for 3-4 days and it kept my acne away.) In my 20s I... READ MORE

Why Do Dermatologists Never Sugguest or Write a Prescription for Birth Control for Hormonal Acne?

Birthcontrol vs oral antibiotics/retinoids for hormonal breakouts - The past 3 yrs I've had the worst acne of my life. I've seen several dermatologists who upon a consultation... READ MORE

I'd Like to Find a NY Dermatologist That Will Do These?

1) Write me a prescription for birth control to help with acne. During my teen yrs I was on birthcontrol and I feel it was more effective than the antibiotics and retinoids... READ MORE

How to Treat This?

I am interested in how dermatologists treat patients that have experience over time a strange waxy look, thin skin, skin that looks crepelike and translucent, with capillaries... READ MORE

Could Tazorac/retinoids Weaken Healthy Collagen Production?

5 months ago tazorac cracked my forehead (which looks like wrinkles), my checks (which looks like wave light scratches from left to right). I spoke to a tazorac rep who admits... READ MORE

Can Broken Capillaries on the Face Be Treated with Sclerotherapy Instead on Laser? What Are the Pros/cons?

I'm East Indian. I was wondering if broken capillaries on the face can be treated by sclerotherapy instead of laser? I've read too many horrible stories on real self about... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation from Sclerotherapy?

I'd like to ask about patients who have developed hyperpigmentation from sclerotherapy. Is the hyperpigmentation along the entire vein or just at the injection site. Thanks READ MORE

Can You Use Retinol & Salicylic Acid Together?

Is it ok to apply Retinol (Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer) on my entire face and spot treat a few acne blemishes with 2% Salicylic Acid (Neutrogena Rapid... READ MORE

Does Botox help to minimize scaring when removing a mole?

I read a review where a patient said "Just today I had a mole removed and since he knows about my history of scarring, he gave injected a dose of botox around the incision to... READ MORE

Is there a product similar to benzoyl peroxide that dermatologists would prescribe to patients other than retinoids?

I read that benzoyl peroxide kills acne bacteria. I tried Clinique benzoyl peroxide and thought it worked much better than salicylic acid but it caused hyperpigmentation. Is... READ MORE

What is the most gentle NON RETINOID treatment for mild acne?

What is the most gentle/least irritating/light exfoliation NON RETINOID spot treatment for mild acne (White heads on forehead & nose. Cystic/whiteheads on chin ) on color skin... READ MORE

Can Rosacea be a result of using retinoid?

I'm a medium/dark complexion Indian who has never had a sun burn or experience red skin until using tazorac (for acne) which I've not used for 2 yrs. I've lots of broken... READ MORE

What's the best way to treat lines that are appearing at the side of the nose on the cheek from top to bottom? (photo)

What's the best way to treat lines that are appearing at the side of the nose on the cheek from top to bottom? (see photo - line on left side of face next to nose) READ MORE

Does micro needling, derma pen cause hyper pigmentation on color skin if used to treat fine lines and skin texture?

Does micro needling, derma pen cause hyperpigmentation on color skin if used to treat fine lines and skin texture? How often would one have a treatment and how many treatments... READ MORE

Can micro needling/derma pen to treat fine lines be done if a patient has fillers in the nasolabial folds?

I have fine lines in the nasolabial fold area and I'm considering fillers but I also have a future interest in micro needling. Can micro needling be done if I have fillers... READ MORE

Is there retinoid in the serums doctors use when micro needling?

Is there retinoid in the serums doctors use when micro needling? I saw a video on realself where the dr said retin a was in the serum but I read u shouldn't use retin a because... READ MORE

Can chemical peels cause melasma on color skin?

Can chemical peels cause melasma on color skin? I know peels cause hyperpigmentation which has happened to me. However every time I try to lighten those spots I just seem to... READ MORE

Is it safe to use aczone and hydroquinone?

I'm using aczone as an acne spot treatment. I moisture then spot treat breakouts with aczone. I have some hyperpigmentation and would like to use hydroquinone (ambi... READ MORE

Can you have a light chemical peel while using aczone?

Can you have a light chemical peel while using aczone? How many days should I be off aczone before a peel and how soon after a peel can I continue aczone? Thx READ MORE

Can IPL treat broken capillaries and hyperpigmentation during the same session? How safe is IPL on color skin?

Is IPL safe on color skin? I noticed with laser when treatment broken capillaries the top layer of the skin is not removed the way it is when treating hyperpigmentation so can... READ MORE

How to correct/avoid when using botox the skin next to the arch of eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow pushing out. (photo)

I had 12 units of botox placed in my glabellar area and 17 units placed in my forehead lines. When I smile and raise my left eyebrow the skin from the arch to the end of the... READ MORE

When injecting the glabella area does it always have to be the same equal amount of botox injecting at all 5 injection sites? (p

I noticed when injecting the glabella area its always 5 injections as indented in the attached photo. Does the 5 injections always have to be the same equal amount of botox... READ MORE

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Did u experience any hyperpigmentation from the treatments? What does the free micro needle look like? Is it a handle home roller to use? What are the instructions? THx READ COMMENT

Did she use any serums during the micro needling? How did she inform u to take care of your skin after the treatment? Have u noticed any hyperpigmentation? Many thx READ COMMENT

Hi Kitteechaos, What's the name of the glycolic lotion? Thx READ COMMENT

I'd like to follow your post. I'm not liking those grid marks. It looks like you were burned and will have hyperpigmentation. What did your dr say? READ COMMENT

Hi Petunia, Could u pls let me know the dermatologist you saw? Thx READ COMMENT