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Advice on Bad Eyebrows

My eyebrows were done at the end of May, 2012.  The color I selected was burnt umber, yet the tech suggested she add a drop of black to the pigment since I normally tint... READ MORE

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I have had my 2nd laser treatment at a place that does tattoo removal. The pain is minimal and I did not have bleeding, bruising or scabs. My eyes did look swollen on the lids and brow areas for a couple days and it turned my hairs... READ COMMENT

Thanks...I'd heard of the saline removal method but didn't know it had a name. Now I know. I never considered this as an solution for my brows and am pretty hopefully with the laser removal. Good luck! READ COMMENT

What is the Tattoo Vanish technique? Is it the Kelo-cote that you mentioned above? Is it a laser? READ COMMENT

My brows are much lighter than before, which was jet black. Now they are a taupe/light brown color, though the coloration is not quite even. I will get another treatment in six months. The plastic surgeon said most of the pigment... READ COMMENT

Yes, Yag is the type of laser used. It took about ten minutes to "zap" both eyebrows. The pain was relatively mild...like rubberbands snapping on my skin, and there was minimal bleeding. After the process, ice packs were applied for... READ COMMENT