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Old broad who wants to look better- Mini tummy tuck completed. Full tummy tuck scheduled for May 8th, 2014.

I'm an "older" tummy tuck candidate. I'm 5'10" and weigh 150 pounds and 62 years old. I'm relatively slim but have had a bit of a blubber belly for almost as long as I can remember. I have not had children so I can't even blame my protruding abdomen on childbirth. I've had my weight down to... READ MORE

Full Tummy Tuck (Revision)--Scheduled for May 8, 2014 -- A second tummy tuck to remove upper abdominal loose skin

I had a mini TT just over five months ago with very good results. I feel that my results could have been even better if I had had "the works"--a FULL TT!! Almost immediately post op I suspected that I didn't have a FULL TT (the STANDARD TT that I had paid for) because my BB was left untouched... READ MORE

Questions from Blubberbelly No More

How do surgeons tighten the fascia ABOVE the umbilicus when the umbilical stalk is left attached during an abdominoplasty?

Due to poor skin elasticity in my upper abdomen my umbilical stalk was left attached as my surgeon did not think he could get it to drift downward sufficiently to have an... READ MORE

Why do I have upper abdominal skin rolls in the afternoon but not in the morning? (photo)

Twelve weeks ago I had a "standard tummy tuck" with my umbilical stalk left intact ( but pulled down about an inch). I had liposuction to my upper abdomen and muscle plication... READ MORE

Should I expect much improvement IF I have a tummy tuck revision? (photo)

I had a "standard abdominoplasty" almost five months ago resulting in a very tight abdomen BELOW my belly button but lots of redundant skin ABOVE it. My umbilical stalk was... READ MORE

Can I expect a much tighter upper abdomen if I have a tummy tuck revision considering that my skin has poor elasticity?

I had a mini abdominoplasty with lipo of my upper abs, flanks, and hips five months ago. I now have lots of loose skin between my chest and belly button when bending over and... READ MORE

Operating room time needed to do abdominoplasties?

How much longer does it take a surgeon to perform a full abdominoplasty (with muscle plication) than a mini abdominoplasty when there is not more than a pound of skin to... READ MORE

Will my waist circumference be reduced to make a notable difference? (photos)

I had a mini abdominoplasty almost six months ago with undesirable results. (Too much redundant skin remaining above my umbilicus). I am scheduled for a full abdominoplasty but... READ MORE

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IF I end up with the skin only TT this recovery should be a breeze! Time will tell. In only a month I'll be DONE!! READ COMMENT

Now that the surgery date is approaching quickly I'm getting very nervous again and it seems it's ALL I think about and causing sleepless nights. Yup, it definitely requires some new creativity how to get into and out of bed after a... READ COMMENT

You're SO right about the change not being night and day for those of us who aren't overweight! My clothes are exactly the same size as before. Now, if I can just get that waistline reduced just a tiny bit I just might go down one... READ COMMENT

No lily flower, I'm in Canada. READ COMMENT

Yup, your hard work will get you great results but it might take a while to really get great muscle definition all over. Me, I'm a slacker with the weights but have been doing lots of ab workouts and lots of cardio. Cardio has been... READ COMMENT