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Facial Atrophy Sagging at Age 22?

Hi, in the recent year, I have been starting to notice that one side (my right side) of my face has lost all of its muscle tone, and fat therefore, appearing saggy. My left... READ MORE

Developing the Appearance of a Sagging Face and Fine Lines at Age 22 Normal? (photo)

I am starting to develop lines that run across further than usual at the age of 22!. My tear trough lines run all the way to the sides of my face! It creates a line that... READ MORE

Facial Skin Bumps Are Scars? Or Something Else? (photo)

I had mild acne when I was young. I had a microdermabrasion done 4 years ago (no acne on face) and it was pretty aggressive but not to the point of blood or anything. I was... READ MORE