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ArteFill - Horrible Decision - Madison, WI

I had ArteFill injected in 2011 and did not do my homework. The results were good for the first year and then bumps began appearing in the areas injected. I used prednisone for 7 months and the lumps resolved, but are now back. I have no idea if the lumps will get worse, get better, and am sick... READ MORE

Questions from paperdoll01

Will Palpable Lumps from Artefill Worsen to Become Visible?

I had an Artefill injection 14 months ago,1 syringe injected in right & left cheek and left NF. About 10 days ago I started feeling lumps form. Right now they are palpapble... READ MORE

How to tell if I have an Artefill granuloma and if so how should I manage?

In June 2011 I had an artefill injection. 1 syringe (total) with injection in both cheeks and nasal fold. In 2012 lumps began to form. Through treatment of prednisone the lumps... READ MORE

Are ArteFill granulomas "self limiting"?

I read this in a study and would appreciate if it could be confirmed or not. 'ArteFill granulomas are ‘self limiting’, that is, disappear spontaneously after 2 or 3 years... READ MORE

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Connieh56 did you under go the blepharoplasty? Just wondering what it involved and how the results are. I had artefill and had nodules appear in both cheeks. I'm interested to know how things are for you. Thanks! READ COMMENT

Los Angeles 8432, I am battling the same issue. I had artefill in 2011. 14 months later I started getting lumps at the injection sites. I was on prednisone for about 9 months and the lumps went away. In the past few weeks they have... READ COMMENT

Hey there, it's pill form. I started out on 20 mg back in November and am at 5 mg now. I can't even feel the lumps, however, when the dosage is dropped than I start to feel the lumps. It's been a very slow process. I was just in the... READ COMMENT

Thank you for your reply. It's helpful to get honest feedback. My doctor makes everything sound very easy and unsubstantial... which I have found out the hard way is not always the way of things. READ COMMENT

I had artefill injected about 20 months ago. Around 14 months after the injection I began to have lumps form at each of the injection sites. I have been taking prednisone for several months and this has all but reduced the lumps,... READ COMMENT