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All on 4. Does anyone notice

I've had my all on 4 upper and lower for two and a  half months.I didn't notice till now but I've noticed in the last week or so. . It seems unstable it seems like one... READ MORE

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You will totally have numbness for a long long eventually returns...years sometimes. It is worth it though. In am sure you look awesome! READ COMMENT

I own health food stores....Arnica of course...bioflavonoids And branch chain AMINOS.... This will help tremendously. If you can't find them you can order on I had NO brushing with a full facelift....... READ COMMENT

Depends on Doctor too... I had bo bruising. Amazing READ COMMENT

I am thrilled with mine anyone in the community can ask me anything I'll be happy to answer!!! I was the biggest chicken about getting it done. READ COMMENT

I did not love paying 38k but....if you go to Mexico and have issues when you return home you will have to go back for treatment. The unknown was too scary for me. I paid the money in payments and Clear Choice really worked with me.... READ COMMENT