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Exilis definitely reduces fat, but you can gain it back - San Francisco, CA

Want mostly skin tightening w/ minor reduction/'sculpting'. Have researched Exilis, Ulthera, Cellulase. Ulthera sounded painful. 1 Cellulase review said derm mistook loose skin for cellulite and my doctor thinks that's my situation w/ buttocks-thighs; expects me to meet 50% of my goal in 4... READ MORE

Ulthera Brow Lift and Eye Area didn't work, bummer

I have some loose skin above/below my eyes. My brows are slightly lower than I want. (I had tried Exilis in that area 2x.) Total Pain was low (think lower face is worse). Yes hurt, but for 1 hr in room, but only 3 min total treatment (30 rounds @ 5 sec each). No diff yet, only day 1. 3... READ MORE

Questions from 4ever Young

Why Do They Only Use a 20% Cooling with Me Instead of a 10% Cooling?

1. I am using Exilis for a small bit of contouring, and the clinic I use for Exilis says that since I have less fat, put the Exilis setting to 20% cooling instead of 10%... READ MORE

Which is More Effective, Exilis or the New Thermage?

I have read a lot of doctor's opinions here on Ulthera being better than Thermage, but what about Exilis vs Thermage for tightening of the face (not discussing fat reduction).... READ MORE

How Long Must I Wait After Doing Exilis Before I Do Ulthera?

I am doing Exilis 1st (4 sessions, pre-paid, each 10 days apart), since not painful &1/2 the price of Ulthera locally (I checked a lot). I read Exilis goes 1-3 cm &... READ MORE

Better to remove or secure loose Gore-Tex check implant? Doctor wants me to replace both implants, even the secure one?

I had Gore-Tex cheek implants placed >25 years ago. 4 years ago, a cosmetic doctor wanted to add some filler and one implant got infected. I recovered from the infection 100%.... READ MORE

How do I find a qualified doctor to remove (not replace) Gore-Tex cheek implants?

25+ yrs ago, I got small cheek implants. 4 years ago I had an infection; I recovered 100%, but one implant pocket got so loose, the implant shifted down & now gets a bit in the... READ MORE

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Nickal, Did Velashape ever come out with the next generation system you were excited about? READ COMMENT

HI Megan, Waiting is hard! Especially since if it works, I will do my lower face and/ or neck. I want instant gratification, but this is so expensive that I must wait. Plus I hear the lower face hurts more, don't want to go through... READ COMMENT

Kathi, Thanks. And I agree that waiting is key. I also hope that the body will do some of its own healing. I do like the suction/RF combo for cellulite. I will note and research the Viora Reaction and compare it to the next gen... READ COMMENT

Kathi, One other comment. When my front thighs shrunk with Exilis (I could really tell this week), I did notice looser skin too (even though I had been doing 50/50 fat reduction and tightening). So this week, on my final #4 of the... READ COMMENT

Kathi, The biggest problem I see is that the Velashape technician worked on both legs, when you only wanted it on one. As I mentioned, I have uneven thighs also, we measured them and the nurse spent far more time on the bigger thigh... READ COMMENT