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Wish I'd Done Braces

This was such a mistake! I've just finished seven months of Invisalign, and my teeth and bite are nowhere near where they are supposed to be according to the computer projection I was shown when I was sold on the job. I went through this extremely disruptive procedure (forget all that... READ MORE

Went Back to Restylane

I tried Juvederm in my lips, on the advice of the nurse who gives me (usually) Restylane. She is very good at what she does, so I don't blame her for the problem I had with the product. The Juvederm bunched up and was visible under my skin after a couple of days, almost like unerupted pimples. ... READ MORE

Terrible Experience That Damaged my Skin

I had deep an pervasive adult acne that was not responding to antibiotics or topical creams, so my doctor suggested this procedure some years ago. I had three or four treatments. The entire procedure was slapdash and not controlled at all, and my skin ended up damaged and more aged than it was... READ MORE

Works for Me, but Start Small.

I've been getting Restylane injected into my lips, and some of the wrinkles around them, for a little more than a year and a half. I love the effect, and have had no side effects other than some bruising and swelling (when I was taking a lot of Advil). The injections do hurt quite a lot, but I... READ MORE

Should Be Done Under Full Anesthesia.

I am on my fourth day of recovery after my Fraxel Re:pair procedure. My recovery has been uneventful, so far, but the procedure was unimaginably painful. It was done in a surgery center, under "twilight" sedation -- and with nerve blocking injections in my face -- but I felt... READ MORE