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Under Eye Pillows After Juvederm Injection? (photo)

My doctor (who is very skilled and is and ENT/facial plastic surgeon) injected juvederm in my tear trough area 6 days ago but it doesn't look quite as I had planned. It looked... READ MORE

Can You Dissolve All of the Juvederm in One Appointment?

Can all of my juvederm be dissolved all in one appointment? I'm not concerned with keeping any of it and I would prefer to go back to my "old" face. Will there be any bruising... READ MORE

Doctor Used Different Filler Than Asked?

I requested restylane injections into my tear troughs. When I signed the paperwork I noticed it was for Juvederm and the nurse said that she had brought in the wrong paperwork... READ MORE

Ibuprofen Before Active/Deep FX? (photo0

I had Active/Deep FX under my eyes today and had taken 600 mgs of ibuprofen around 8am because I had started my menstrual cycle and I get very severe cramping (I also took 600... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Obagi Nu Derm After Total FX?

Is it safe to use Obagi Nu Derm after Total FX? I had the procedure done under my eyes & the skin is slightly pink but I'm noticing square patches of hyperpigmentation. It... READ MORE

Will giant white "triangle" from IPL go away or is this permanent hypopigmentation? (photo)

Had IPL 1 day ago at reputable FPS office (not sure on settings) and today I noticed a lighter triangular patch along my jaw/cheek. Other jaw has some white splotches as well,... READ MORE

Is Thermage an option to tighten loose skin under eyes? (Photo)

I'm 33 & unhappy with the loose skin under my eyes. I had 1 Total FX treatment a year ago & didn't notice any difference. I know it probably takes more that 1 treatment, but I... READ MORE

Tightening loose wrinkly skin under eyes when smiling? Diagnosed w/ Sjogrens Syndrome, no dry eyes just swollen eyelids. (photo)

I had 1 Total FX treatment in 13' but didn't receive good results, only hyperpigmentation. I'm curious if a combo of filler and botox might help, or if a peel,... READ MORE