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How are you doing now Moneta? Have you made a full recovery from the PE yet? I hope the inflammation and water retention has finally subsided. Were you allowed to use any of the herbs or teas? Sending lots of healing thoughts your way! READ COMMENT

Hi doll! How is everything going now that you're back home? Are you happy with your results? I hope you're doing well. :-) READ COMMENT

That's great! Do you plan to continue with lymphatic massages when you return home? I think it's one of the best ways to keep the swelling from lipo down during the first 4 weeks. Do you know how many ccs of lipo you received? I need... READ COMMENT

Speaking of swelling & discomfort, are you having daily massages? A woman on RS had 2 massages a day during her recovery (one at Dr. FG's office and one at her RH at night). She felt that she healed much faster compared to everyone else... READ COMMENT

You're welcome doll! I can relate to how hard it is to stay optimistic when your body feels so out of sorts & uncomfortable. I went through an unpleasantly long healing period after I had Lasik eye surgery and it took daily pep-talks... READ COMMENT