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Dr. Ghurani - Sx Date 11/19/13... 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY COMING UP! - 2nd ROUND COMING SOON! - Aventura, FL

Hey Ladies! Been lurking on this site for a while now, pretty much from the second I searched the web and realized there was a procedure that could make your waist smaller and butt bigger. That was about a year ago almost exactly and now, I'm a little over 2 weeks away from having my procedure... READ MORE

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Mine too. I think he left early this year & started his own practice. I've been there (I wrote about it here on this blog) and I really like the new office. I have a revision coming in 2015, so maybe we'll be revision buddies. :) (I... READ COMMENT

His website is www.floridacosmeticsurgerymd (dot) com. 51 SW 42nd Ave, Miami, FL 33134 (305) 477-4575...I don't have his email on me, it's at home in my packet of info. Give him a call. HE IS NOT AT EPS OR VANITY!!! READ COMMENT

Awww...well thanks lady! It's really hard to understand why ppl just dont want you to succeed. We all have a lil jealousy in us, but most of us can shake it off & genuinely be happy for the people we love. Some, clearly, cannot. As you... READ COMMENT

Awww!!! You look great (like I've been telling you!) we made it to vet status! Lol...I'm glad you have been there for me literally since the very beginning! My booty sistah! I'm glad you're so happy & looking so amazing! Muah! Happy... READ COMMENT

Yeah...I heard that j was being "fake" because I didn't tell them or something crazy like that. But idc. I did at first, now, I'm all the way over it. Entitlement is a good way to put it. As someone who had an EXCELLENT recovery, I... READ COMMENT