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BBL Part 1 - Will get my new official consultation for rd 2 tomorroW - Dominican Republic

Hey to my beautiful BBL sisters! I am new to this site and excited to share by before, during and after of my BBL expewrience with Dr. Jimerson. I've been considering a BBL for about a year now and after losing 54 lbs in the last 8 months ( working out 5-6x a week, eliminating sugar from my diet... READ MORE

Frm booty greed to booty NEED :-(

This is a continuation of my part 1 BBL blog. To first read part 1, please click here. So dolls I'm shooting for rd 2 at vanity or elite plastic surgery.. I've any dr salama my pics.. The $ is steep ($9000) vs vanity's $4500 and by the looks of it I'll be paying 4 this by myself this time ,... READ MORE

Questions from randomchicaboom

What Position and Equipment Can I Use 4 Best Results for my Bbl and Breast Lift W/implants? (photo)

I plan on getting a Brazilian butt lift + fat transfer to hips (full body lipo -- arms, axilla, flanks, upper and lower back, upper n body abs, inner n outer thighs and inner... READ MORE

Is Lipo of Fat Calves Possible and Can I Use it for my Bbl?

My calves r muscular n fatty at same time (with squeezable fat) I'm getting circumferential thigh lipo as well as inner knee lipo and curious if calf fat can be used 4 my bbl READ MORE

Calf Lipo 4 my Bbl? (photo)

I have very fat calves (despite my 60+ lb weight loss and exercising religiously).. Wanted to know if possible to get them lipo'ed n if so, if the calf fat could be used 4 fat... READ MORE

How to Raise my Hemoglobin Level to a 13 or over 3 Months Pre Op for Bbl W/ BL with Implant?

I don't currently know my hemp levels but want to get it to a level 13 and over because ill be getting full body lipo for my bbl with a breast lift with implant in November.. READ MORE

How Many Ccs Equal DD Cup? (photo)

Im getting a bbl with breast lift with implants in november. I'm currently a saggy 34 n/c (after 90+ lb natural weight loss).. How many ccs equal a DD cup? I would like to be a... READ MORE

When Should I Stop Birth Control Before Full Body Lipo, Brazilian Butt Lift AND Breast Lift Implants? (photo)

I am one day under 3 months pre op for my bbl (with full body lipo plus fat transfer to hips, and my breast lift with silicone implants.. I am on the nuvaring and have been... READ MORE

What Foods and Vitamins to Avoid Before Multiple Procedures? (photo)

I'm getting full body lipo from head to toe , fat grafting to hips and butt and breast lift and augmentation. I had my last glass of wine last week, stopped occassional smoking... READ MORE

Have I killed a lot of fat cells In buttocks? (photo)

I am 16 days post op from full body lipo and fat grafting to butt and hips with breast lift with 400 ccs implants.. I was advised to sleep and sit on butt .. I've been sleeping... READ MORE

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Should I Try and Buy a Compression Garment Now?

Ladies I have a bbl and ba w/lift with Dra Duran nov 6th.. Want to buy a compression garment for 2nd week and want to know if any of u were able to find one with butt AND hip... READ MORE