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Did anyone take pain killers before LHR on the beard? The topical cream I used didn't do much to reduce the pain. I think I need to take a pain killer too. READ COMMENT

Hey. Im thinking of going to Romeo&Juliette too. Who would usually do your laser treatments? READ COMMENT

Hi I'm looking to get LHR on my beard. You seem to be happy with the results now. What type of laser did they use? Did you do your whole face? Would you mind sharing pics? Thanks READ COMMENT

Ive tried tend skin. didnt really do much for me. like mentioned before, ive tried all the different shaving techniques and products. i prefer the clean shaven look. i dont look good with a beard. READ COMMENT

They didnt burn me. it just hurt A LOT. i just dont know what else to do with my beard. i want to be clean cut but i can't shave everyday because my skin is too sensitive and even when i do shave i still have a five o'clock shadow.... READ COMMENT