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Fillers under eyes after surgery.

Has anybody had fillers injected under their eyes after surgery?  My doctor did a horrible job on my lower bleph - even though mine was transj. I still have a deep hollow... READ MORE

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Yes he did discuss this with me - he repositioned the fat - did not remove any. What he DID NOT tell me is that it would take a year to recover and that I would be trading the bags for a ton of wrinkles. I still have horrible bags,... READ COMMENT

I had lowers done with him and I'm very disappointed and have to have it redone now. READ COMMENT

You will have good days and bad days before it finally settles down completely. Try to avoid too much sun - it is labeled on the bottle to stay out of sun or wear heavy sun block while on this med. keep me posted on your progress...... READ COMMENT

It took at least a month (maybe 2) to really notice improvement. I guess I just had a bad case and that is why I was on it for so long. To be honest I probably could have stopped sooner but I was afraid to so doctor just gradually... READ COMMENT

I absolutely wish you the best of luck. My prayers are with you as well. READ COMMENT