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Reviews by deen

Restalyne for Frown Lines Correction - Houston, TX

I had restalyne for frown lines correction. i had botox several months back but the wrinkles were too long standing to flatten the frown area. my doc told me we can use a filler and then i can get botox in a few weeks if i like the correction. the botox will make the filler last a lot longer she... READ MORE

First Artefill Treatment - Houston, TX

Well, it took me more than a year working with the same doctor before i was sold on artefill. a lot of info on the web kept me away, but she finally won me over when she told me she's had it injected herslf, and because she's been injecting me with juvaderm and botox, i trust her eye for doing... READ MORE

Didn't Fix Intrinsic Stains - Houston, TX

I have grey-blueish intrinsic staining in my lower front teeth from years of taking the antibiotic mynocin for acne. the zoom treatment helped minimally; but not worth the cost and, well, discomfort. 2 items: it took a long time sitting in the dental chair-to the point where i was getting... READ MORE

Questions from deen

Artefill for nasolabial foldsif you've had an HA filler done the past couple of years?

On artefill for nasolabial folds, what if you've had an HA filler done the past couple of years and already have about an 80% correction? wouldn't you need to let that dissolve... READ MORE

Radiesse or artefill for smile lines?

I'm trying to determine the 'best' option for an implant material in my smile lines. i've already had several treatments with juvederm over the past 14 months, and now want to... READ MORE

Artefill lasts how long?

It's considered a permanent filler, but some doctors say it lasts 4 to 5 years in the smile line areas. what gives with this? if the pmma microspheres can't be absorbed, broken... READ MORE

Would you advise patient to use permanent filler like ArteFill over re-injection of a HA-based filler?

In 'the best of all possible worlds,' where a patient could financially afford re-injection of an HA-based or other temporary dermal filler in the face at regular intervals to... READ MORE