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Reviews by Sats

Scars, Dents and Redness Left from Laser Surgery Months & Even Yrs Later - Tampa, FL

I had Erbium laser 2yrs ago when i was 53. After the surgery I was left with more scars only worse, a dent in my cheek, very noticable & a huge patch scar around my old scars. Not to mention all the redness for months after. Pro none Cons scars, dents, redness, pigment... READ MORE

Had Damage from Erbium Laser, Affirm Helped

At 53 in 07 I decided to have laser resurfacing for scars from acne. The doctor in Tampa suggested Erbium Level 6. I thought he knew what he was doing so I agreed. I was left with rolling scars, a huge dent & pigmentation change all over, red for months. He dissed me when he saw the results.... READ MORE

The Best in the Business - Pennsylvania

Had acne scars, went for resurfacing in Tampa, came out much worse than before. READ MORE

Cold Day in Hell - Tampa, FL

Went for acne scars.Some of the scars & the dent that was left aftr the surgery And that's just the left side More on rightStill dealing with the scars from the Erbium Laser. Going on 5 yrs this March. On my 4th treatment of Restore Dual. Seeing a little change but too soon to tell yet.... READ MORE

Scars & Facial Volume Look Better - Tampa, FL

I have scars & dents from Erbium laser resurfacing. For 5 yrs I've had so many f laser treatments & fillers. I was always dissapointed after. I finally found a doctor who knew how to inject fillers. I know know it's not what you get, it's WHO you get. I had juevaderm before & didn't... READ MORE

Found Things That Othes Missed. Filled Me to - Tampa, FL

I went to Dr Ambay by chance, the doctor I had scheduled to see had a family emergency & had to leave for months so a freind recomened Dr Ambay to me, my friend is very picky about who she uses so I trust her opinion, I called & got an appt for the following week. I've been to so many doctors... READ MORE

Questions from Sats

I've Tried So Many Treatments For My Scars From Treating Scars. What Next? (photo)

I had Erbium laser in 07 for a few acne scars. After surgery I was left with scars around my scars, a square dent & large patches of indented skin that looks like patches.... READ MORE

Juvederm puffy eyes, not brusied or tinted. Should I get the injection to decrease the size or just let it be?

I had a little juvederm under my eyes 17days ago, my one eye is still puffy. I've been using camomile tea bag compresses, using nose spray for allergies, sleeping with pillows... READ MORE

Vitrase or Hyaluronidase, Nothing or Natural ways . Which one would you tell your wife or family member to do ?

It's 21 days since I had a little juvederm injected under my eyes but I'm still puffy. I know you can get injections but I see so many bad reviews about it that I'm afraid I'll... READ MORE

Steroids for puffy eyes after Juvederm

I still have a puffy eye from juvederm a month after the injection. My doctor gave me a steroid pac, 6 days, he said it would bring it down. Did you ever let your patients try... READ MORE

Juvederm puffy eyes one month later after just using a steroid pac & it's not working, no infection just puffy. Inflamzyme??

I just read something about a doctor who had a patient w/puffy eyes from juvederm & he told her to use inflamzyme or maybe pineapple to help with the swelling. I tried the... READ MORE

Fractional Laser for indented acne scars?

I would like to know if any doctors have used this treatment for scars & if you did, were your patients happy with the results? I read a few had it done & liked it. It seems... READ MORE

Fotoma for ance scars

Can you tell me if any doctors have used this for acne scars? It seems it's like needling but with heat. READ MORE

Recent comments from Sats

Hey Depressed, I use the 1.0 & the 1.5. Then put on copper peptides or vit c or tetin a. I got my last roller from by a girl who has scars & now sells the rollers w/ vit c in a little purse w/a cup to clean them in... READ COMMENT

Hey Depressed, I use the 1.0 & the 1.5. Then put on copper peptides or vit c or tetin a. I got my last roller from by a girl who has scars & now sells the rollers w/ vit c in a little purse w/a cup to clean them in... READ COMMENT

Hey Georgia, He wants to do 3 repairs? When I went to a PS who specializes with lasers only he said no repair. I thought it would help but he said no, that you don't want to make your skin thinner after having erbium. He preformed a... READ COMMENT

God I just read all the things I'm getting done. I sound like a mess. Fat going here & there, lifts, peels. lopsided lips, lower eye brow, scars. I wonder now what i'd look like if I never went for anything. I'd have been ok with... READ COMMENT

Hey Georgia, I just got back. He saw the dents & I told him the story about the Erbium causing me scars. . My scars are deeper than yours & their on my cheeks & I have a lot of little deep scars too. I'm going in for a mini lift surgery... READ COMMENT