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Tummy Tuck Aug. 1st - New York, NY

So after 2 years of consideration, I have finally decided to go through with a tummy tuck! I can not begin to describe how nervous I am as the date approaches. After consulting with several doctors, I decided to go with Dr. Karlinsky, because of how comfortable she made me feel, and the fact... READ MORE

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Hey Bec! My ps actually is having me wait until two weeks post op to take ibuprofen because it thins the blood. Guess they're just being extra careful READ COMMENT

I know! Swelling sucks! But look at it this way, you still look awesome compared to before you went in! And at least we did our surgery late in the summer, because 2013 is our yer! Lol. I actually have a get together at my house this... READ COMMENT

Hey!! Had the drain removed today!!! Boy was that weird!!!!! More of a burning than pain... Today has def been a great day! Standing straighter, dealing with the tightness better! Actually hopeful now! Lol READ COMMENT

Unfortunately in the bronx, there isn't much star gazing to do! Lol.. but yea, every breath of fresh air counts! I will def let u know how it goes if they do get removed... Im fearing it! I've heard its terrible lol.. Amazing how after... READ COMMENT

Hello my dear! Yea I have huge boobs lol, im contemplating getting them reduced! Im glad to hear you are doing so well! The swelling is def something else but I think last night I had an anxiety attack because of the tightness! I... READ COMMENT