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7 Months Update

Hello everyone! I'll chime in with my thoughts and experience now. It seems people grow self-conscious of their noses at around 12-13, and it's the same with myself. Until a few years ago, I didn't give it much thought aside from pinching it in mirrors just to see how it would appear altered... READ MORE

Questions from FerreroRocher

How Can my Nose Be Improved? (photo)

What I think I want: tip refinement (including lift), de-projecting it, elimination of the bump. What the PS said during my consultation: bringing in the side walls, tip... READ MORE

Will my Dennie-Morgan Lines Improve After a Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I think that's what they are. I'm 24 and have had them forever so I'm assuming they're hereditary. I've read they can be helpful in diagnosing allergies or eczema, but I don't... READ MORE

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Pictures on Facebook

After you get your rhinoplasty, how do you plan on making the transition on Facebook? I don't have a clue. People are going to be able to tell the difference in my pictures. On... READ MORE

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I'm really happy to know you've finally done it! I know you've been trying for a while, but the research and wait have been worth it already looks really elegant and fitting. I actually didn't think anything was wrong with... READ COMMENT

Reading your experience with Dr. G brings me flashbacks of mine. He's great with middle eastern noses. As Dr. G would tell you, "You'll have a great result." :) How is your recovery so far? READ COMMENT

No skin debulking (not sure what that is). The only place m skin is/was thick is the tip. Clipping the cartilage there decreases its size and refined the shape. Be prepared to wait 4-5 months from booking to surgery with Grigoryants. ... READ COMMENT

Your recovery looks pretty normal to me! :) Hang in there. I HATED the drip pad - especially removing and replacing it. That upper lip area was just extremely sensitive. Wiping the area with warm water on gauze feels heavenly, if you... READ COMMENT

I removed all the previous pics. The swelling in the face lasted a little over a week for me. It stuck around in the jawline and between the eyebrows a bit. I was also bruised under the eyes, and I had a little line that stuck around... READ COMMENT