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Just wrote a long post about my horrific surgery conducted by Dr. Scott Yarish - Houston, TX. I pray unsuspecting women considering using his services read these posts and run for the hills. READ COMMENT

For me (and I choose these personal words lest my post be rejected), Dr. Scott Yarish was a sub standard surgeon. Is he being run out of Houston and practicing in Arizona now? I was an attractive woman prior to allowing his hands on... READ COMMENT

Forget considering a lawsuit. A portion Dr. Yarish's fees are applied to attorney(ies). Dr. Scott Yarish has enough protection - not only with attornies, but the fine print waivers you are required to sign prior to surgery that it... READ COMMENT

My last post was rejected and was not posted. I will write first hand knowledge and see if this one is allowed. Forget trying to sue Dr. Scott Yarish. I looked into it and he has so much legal protection it is impossible, A class... READ COMMENT

Ariana, How can you say Dr. Scott Yarish is "good at what he does" when he has done this to you? Read my horror story about him. READ COMMENT