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Happy with the Results So Far! - Glendora, CA

So I am probably one of the younger ones on here who has gotten this treatment. I'm only 16, but I have had a hair problem ever since I hit puberty, which was when I turned 11. I live in California, where it is hot most of the time, so shorts and skirts are the perfect things to wear year round.... READ MORE

19 Year Old Female Wanting Dramatic, Sexy Curves!!!!! Need advice on choosing the right surgeon for me!! Los Angeles, CA

Hi everyone! After being on this site for so long and for looking into this procedure for years, it's finally time to make my first post. This is official! I want to do this so badly, and I know it will be worth it! About me: I'm a 19 year old female. I'm self-conscious about my body, always... READ MORE

Questions from dramatic_curves

Could Latisse Turn my Eye Color Brown or Darken my Eyes?

I am really interested in latisse, but I really do not want my eye color to change. I have forest green eyes with gold surrounding the pupil and I would like to keep it that... READ MORE

Is Laser Hair Removal Supposed to Be Really Painful?

I got my first laser hair removal treatment a couple days ago on my legs, but the pain was literally almost unbearable. Is this normal or should I consider going somewhere else... READ MORE

What Happens to Your Belly Button After Liposuction?

I am considering getting liposuction on my abdomen and flanks. I am just curious about what would happen to my belly button after lipo (I have an innie) Is it replaced? My... READ MORE

What is the Best Hair Removal Method on Faces?

I have mainly light hairs on my face, but I have some dark ones as well. They are pretty thin, but I have a lot of hairs on my cheeks and chin. I am not sure if I should get... READ MORE

Is Getting Laser Hair Removal on Underarms Safe?

I got my first treatment of laser hair removal about 1 month ago on my legs and noticed a huge difference. My mom noticed too and she is happy. However, I do have a lot of hair... READ MORE

Does Noninvasive Lipo Work?

I have some stubborn fat around my waist, stomach, love handles, and chin. I am at a great weight (5'7" and 135 pounds) but the stubborn fat really does bother me. I'm... READ MORE

What Method to Remove Belly Fat Would Be Best for Me?

I'm a 17 year old girl who is very self-conscious about my body. I'm 5'7" and 160 pounds and I've been trying to lose weight for almost 2 years-with no success! This has taken... READ MORE

Will Laser Hair Removal Help Keratosis Pilaris?

I have kp pretty bad on my upper arms and makes me very self conscious. Will laser hair removal get rid of the kp or at least make it better? Are there any other solutions for... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Treatment to Improve/get Rid of my Stretch Marks? (photo)

In the past couple of years, I've put on a lot of weight quickly, thus resulting in stretch marks. I've recently started to lose weight, but I know when I reach my goal weight,... READ MORE

Can I Get Laser Hair Removal on my Pubic Area?

When I say pubic area, I don't just mean the bikini line. I mean everything, including the butt. Is that possible and safe? Also, could I get laser hair removal down there if... READ MORE

Can Laser Remove Stretch Marks?

Hi, I am desperate to remove some stretch marks on my breasts, hips, thighs, and love handle area. I've lost a lot of weight recently, I have 30 pounds more to go to reach my... READ MORE

Is getting the brazilian treatment for laser hair removal safe?

Hi, I am very interested in getting the brazilian treatment for laser hair removal hair, where my whole pubic area is reached. I am concerned though, since this is dealing with... READ MORE

How can I reduce/get rid of the appearance of pores on my face? (Photo)

I have very large pores on my face, especially my nose. I am very self-concious of them and even when I wear makeup they are visible. I really want that flawless skin look,... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift? (Photo)

Hi I think I really want to get a Brazilian Butt Lift. I've always dreamed about having a great butt, and super sexy curvy figure. I think my body is apple shaped sadly, but I... READ MORE

What can I do to get bigger, fuller looking lips that look and feel natural?

Hi there, I really want to get bigger, fuller looking lips. My main concern is that they won't look or feel real. If I get lip injections, does it feel like your natural lips?... READ MORE

Is heavy lifting recommended for a Brazilian Butt Lift? Will it improve the results?

Hi, I was wondering what doctor's opinions are on heavy lifting before AND after a BBL. My body doesn't have much muscle now and I think if I do heavy protein and have a... READ MORE

Discussions started by dramatic_curves

Should I get a BBL to achieve my goal body or could I do it by losing weight and weight lifting?

Hi everyone I'm 19 years old and I'm 5'7" and weigh around 165 pounds. Basically I am very unhappy with my body and have been for a very long time. :( As you can see I have... READ MORE

What type of workouts do you ladies do?

Hi ladies. I was wondering what kind of work outs you do? Do any of you do heavy lifting? I want to gain more muscle and look more toned. I don't have much muscle and it makes... READ MORE

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Yeah I feel you lol, I don't want anyone to know. I don't have instagram, but after the surgery I will definitely get one! :) READ COMMENT

Absolutely amazing results!!! You really look great! READ COMMENT

Good luck! I'm the same way, my face is nice, but the body is lacking. Having a banging body and a pretty face is the way to go! Lol ;) I'm sure you'll have great results with Yily! READ COMMENT