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Hi jawregret I have just looked at your photos again and you are a stunner. Are you completely blind? I'm not sure what it is you are seeing but I now see a perfect face with a beautiful smile and a great nose sitting where it should... READ COMMENT

Hi Andrej I'm from Australia and my parents came to Australia from Italy 50 years ago.Take your time this time. Do not make any quick decisions. Don't allow anyone especially your parents to push you in to surgery so quickly. From what... READ COMMENT

To redspykitty Have you had x-rays and 3D imaging to check if your airways are restricted? Have you had a sleep apnoea test? You sound exactly like me. I have had problems sleeping since childhood and often I have to find the right... READ COMMENT

You look amaizing. I much prefer where your upper lip is now than before. It looks more natural. I'm an art teacher and I can see that you now should be very comfortable with your appearance. No one will take a second look to say that... READ COMMENT

Hi Jaw regret. I think you look great. You look younger and now ave a better shape. Your nose looks fine. There may stilll be some swellling. I have similar issues in that I had teeth removed and braces when I was young and now I have... READ COMMENT