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Reviews by Ruebix

Great Belly Button – Chattanooga, TN

I wanted a tummy tuck because I was tired of feeling deformed when I was otherwise pretty. It just didn't add up. After having two children and gaining excessive weight with both, I had virtually no belly button, and although my skin shrunk back well, it was still a bad texture. Last summer a... READ MORE

Smart Lipo is Not Smart - Chattanooga, OK

My doc explained the smart lipo was a less invasive way to achieve the results I was looking for: flat smooth tummy with out the pooch of fat surround the belly button. I had asked for a TT, but being little, he was worried about the scar placement. So I did it. And it looked worse instead of... READ MORE

Questions from Ruebix

12 Days Post Op, Have Pleats on my Incision, Will They Need Revision? (photo)

I weigh 117, did not have a pouch/apron, so there wasn't much to work with. I believe its why I'm on day 12 and still walk hunched over. I wonder if I'm going to likely be... READ MORE

Do New Lymph Nodes Grow Back After They've Been Severed or Removed? (photo)

I take it that we swell after TT for a long time because the lymph nodes and system have been severed in that area. And I understand that a year or so down the road we will... READ MORE

Year Old Silicone Implants and Hot Tub Temperature Limit? (photo)

I am not worried about infection at this point. I wonder if the heat from a hot tub can 1) cause leaching (not leaking) of contents in implants, 2) will make implants less... READ MORE

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I know- I had high expectations too! I didn't think they were "high", but considering... Heck, in a few years maybe I'll have networked myself into a friendship with a PS I can really trust and get some things straightened back out. READ COMMENT

Hi Newmeaug13- oh wow! When you posted on my profile, I had remembered that you had the breast augmentation, and didn't realize about the face lift until you mentioned it! First thing I did was jump over and look! You are just... READ COMMENT

Hi Newmeaug13, thanks for writing! Yeah, that swelling made me crazy- so glad about it being gone! You are looking great, too- yours was a really extensive surgery, and I remember being amazed at how beautifully you healed up afterward. READ COMMENT

Hi Newme, I guess I'm pretty satisfied with the shape when my shirt is on, too. I'm not sure why my lower belly bumps out the way it does though. I think I'll wait another year and see a surgeon who does permanent sutures since my... READ COMMENT

Thanks, Tessa :) READ COMMENT