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Part 1: Mommy Makeover Preparations...

I am currently in the middle of consultations (or as I prefer to think of it, 'interviewing surgeons'). I've done three so far, but I'm scheduled for eight with one more to schedule. They run through October. I'm planning my surgery for January of 2013. About me: I am 37 years old, just... READ MORE

Satisfied now :) - San Mateo, CA

I had a moderate crossbite and some crookedness that was getting worse over the years. I'm 37 years old, but I never thought there wasanything worth fixing with my teeth until my late 20s. Slowly, one of my front upper incisors became crooked enough that it was affecting my smile from the side... READ MORE

Part 2: Ultimate Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck. 18-Month Post-Op Video :D

You can read Part 1 of my journey here. Updated on 2 Nov 2012: Yesterday, I was able to go straight from ultrasound to biopsy. To save time. Which is fantastic. However, biopsy results at Kaiser usually take 3-5 business days. Baaaaaaad! But first, for those of you who, like me before... READ MORE

Dental Crown - San Mateo, CA

I had a 30-year-old amalgam filling in my lower left pre-molar that finally started leaking. I have excellent oral hygiene, which may have contributed to the longevity of the filling. The tooth turned gray a couple of months ago, and when I went to the dentist for my cleaning a couple of weeks... READ MORE

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Lol!!!!  Okay, so a dog ear is a flap   of skin resulting from two pieces being sewn together that aren't the same length.  Look at my part 2 blog for my mommy makeover. :)  you can see mine.  You can't get... READ COMMENT

What a coincidence, I just wrote to you about that in a PM!  It's for dog-ears, but I'm gonna ask about lipo too.  Honestly, if the doctor I was interviewing did vaginoplasty, I'd totally ask about that too.   READ COMMENT


Oh!  I actually do much better on the pills in terms of my face, because I get acne when I eat anything starchy when I'm not on the pills, but when I'm on them, I can at least eat beans (no bread or anything but I'm used to that).... READ COMMENT

Hello and welcome to the community!!!  You've got a great attitude--for some reason, people seem to forget about the fact that it's a medical treatment and feel so self-conscious about it.  But usually people are their own... READ COMMENT