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Use Me As Your Advertisement in Exchange for Facial Fat Transfer Procedure? (photo)

Hi, I just turned 40 and really need a facial fat transfer to get the reverse triangle look. I don't have the funds and probably never will, so I'm looking for alternatives. I... READ MORE

Is my Nose Really the Most Difficult, Impossible Nose to Reduce and Reshape? Can Anybody Please Help? (photo)

I've had 3 rhinoplasties by two surgeons (closed, open) and still have a huge, badly-shaped nose. I have thick skin which is limiting, but both of my doctors were too... READ MORE

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I've had my nose done twice by two different surgeons and it's still too large which is painful, but the recovery was easy for me. I'm saving up for a third surgery. I would call your Doctor and make sure the cast stays on for the... READ COMMENT

Hi Heidi, I'm not sure who your surgeon was, but I think your nose looks great! I've had three surgeries to try to achieve a cute upturned nose like yours, but somehow after many surgeries my nose ended up larger and droopy. I totally... READ COMMENT

I think he did excellent work on your nose. I've had mine done 3 times by two different surgeons and the change isn't enough. Wait for the swelling to go down and you will see it become more defined over time, and the tip will drop too.... READ COMMENT

Yeah, I've had my nose done several times and that's the nose I desire too. I can at least tell you that for me the recoveries weren't painful, and pretty easy from what I remember. I'm going for another revision, but not sure what... READ COMMENT

Hi, I'm one of those people who would do anything to have your perfect, cute, slightly, upturned nose. I sure wish we could trade. I've had mine done four times by two surgeons and spent over $10,000. It's still big and a bad shape.... READ COMMENT