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4 months update and pics

I started this journey in October 2011, I have a lot of scar tissue and tend to retain fluid in my lungs, depending on the weather I can have bouts of shortness of breath and coughing that's why I'm having this in the August, I tend to get sick more often in the cold months, I'm praying I don't... READ MORE

BA, Lipo to the Arms, Tomorrow 10/3 - Texas, TX

So ready for this, had a tummy tuck on 12/1/12, tomorrow @ 6:45 am I'm going in for BA and lipo to my arms. Stats: 45 year old; 4'11", 140 lbs, 36b, will be getting 500 HP gel on the right, my much smaller breast and 275-393 cc moderate profile gel implant on my left bigger breast. A little... READ MORE

Questions from Yennie123

What is Safe Time to Be Under Anesthesia?

Hello, I will be having surgery on 8/2/12, I'm concerned about the time my PS said I would be under 7.5 hours. He will be performing a tummy tuck with lipo to the tummy, lipo... READ MORE

How Will Future Weight Loss Affect the Look of my BA/BL? I Am 140 Lbs, 4'11, Bra Size Small 34 C.

I plan to lose 20-25 lbs, to bring me to my normal weight of 115 lbs, I am small framed, and am affraid the size I chose now will look to big once I lose weight. My surgery is... READ MORE

Rash from Muscle Repair, is It Possible? (photo)

I had a full TT on December 1, 2012, I've had no problems with my recovery. I still feel pain around the belly button when I move a certain way, this is the same area in which... READ MORE

Can the Big Difference in Cc's and Implant Styles Still Make my Breast Look the Same Afterwards?

I have one breast at about 200+ cc's smaller than the other. PS suggested silicone 500 HP for smaller and 250-339 moderate round for bigger one. The smaller breast with 500 cc... READ MORE

How much weight do I need to lose to decrease at least one cup size after Breast Augmentation with 425cc/500cc HP Implants?

I recently had a BA and I am very uncomfortable with my size now. I feel they are too big for my body, I am 4'11, 140lbs, I went from a B cup to a DD, my implants were high... READ MORE

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Don't worry about them pulling out the drains, it doesn't hurt and you'll feel so relieved not to have them anymore! Good luck you're on your way to're tummy looks great by the way :) READ COMMENT

Congrats! I love your belly button, do you by chance know if your doc uses a different procedure for the belly button? I have read something about "inward" where you really can't see the scaring around the belly button. I had my TT... READ COMMENT

Looking good...glad your system is back to normal. Constipation is the WORST feeling! READ COMMENT

Thank God you are doing well. Take it easy and let your body heal, before you know it, it'll all be just a faint memory. I'm sure you look amazing, can't wait to see your PO photos. Take care : ) READ COMMENT

I would wait on purchasing garments...I found out I really had to try them on and went through many before I found comfortable ones. The ones the dr. is going to give you will do for the first few days, till you start to hate them and... READ COMMENT