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Laser or Chemical Peel for Wrinkles Around Mouth and Eyes? (photo)

I am 56 years old and did have a face lift 10 years ago. I suffer with wrinkles around my mouth and eyes ( I have always had lots of movement in my face when I speak, laugh,... READ MORE

Does Total Fx Lazer Treatment Weaken Skin and Make It More Prone to Wrinkes in the Future?

I am thinking of having total fx laser treatment - my main problem being lines around my mouth and eyes. However, I wondered if any of these lazer or chemical peel treatments... READ MORE

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Looks amazing - sounds like a great doctor and the healing looks so good. congratulations. READ COMMENT

I agree - I did see a doctor some years ago that was recommended just around the mouth and was going to go ahead but when I talked to his nurse and asked the questions of whether it would show she was honest enough to tell me that it... READ COMMENT

Thanks for that advice so helpful. READ COMMENT

I too have quite deep lines around my mouth area and contemplating having either laser or a peel - very difficult to find doctors who do peels in London ! Did your skin around the mouth get lighter ? any advice would be welcome. Thanks READ COMMENT

I did have laser around my mouth over 12 years ago - it didn't make that much difference but I have heard that Co2 laser is the way to go and the lasers seem to have improved over the years - It works well on pictures I have seen on... READ COMMENT