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Can I Still Lift Weights That Build Muscle in the Lower Portion of my Body After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

When I exercise I do weight lifting especially in building my legs and glutes (buttocks). If I was to get a brazilian butt lift can I still lift weights after the appropriate... READ MORE

Permanent Under-eye Concealer (Permanent Makeup Technique)?

A permanent make up artist in Texas offers under-eye concealer. Is she the only one in the world that offers this? Does anyone else know of other artist that also have this... READ MORE

Undereye Skin Pigmentation (Slight Dark Circles)?

Near my tear trough/under-eye area I have slight skin pigmentation. Other than fillers, bleaching creams, chemical peels etc.. (none of those things worked for me) what can I... READ MORE

Will My Skin Return? Cosmelan 2 Mask.

Hi there! I have used Cosmelan 2 & I'm guessing left it on too long & now have patches of hyperpigmentation on my face (lower/mid face). Texture of skin feels like its... READ MORE